Boost Your InsurTech Initiatives

I teach insurance innovators three steps that boost their InsurTech initiatives.

Increase Your Revenue

Grow your top-line with the right InsurTech partnership.

Decrease Your Costs

Reduce your claims and administration costs with the right Use Cases.

Rise Your Profits

Increase your base-line with proven Busines Cases.

Most InsurTech initiatives between insurance companies and startups do not deliver the desired results.

There Are over 1,000 InsurTech Startups

For innovators in insurers, all InsurTechs look the same at first glance.

All InsurTechs Promise to Add Value

For decisionmakers, it’s often unclear how value will be created.

Choosing the Wrong Startup Is a Mistake

Innovators waste time and money if they select an incompatible partner.

Hi, my name is Karl Heinz Passler

I do three things:

I take care of our product lines at Basler Versicherungen as a Product Manager.

I support our startup scouts in the Baloise Insurance Group as a Mentor.

I create content about InsurTech e.g. in ‘The InsurTECH Book’, on this blog, and on Social Media.

Known from:

InsurTech Rising International
Global InsurTech Summit
Digital Finance World
Global InsurTech Roadshow

The 3 Step Plan That Boosts Your Insurtech Initiatives

InsurTech startups look all the same at first glance. However, they are not all created equal. How to pick, work, and prosper with the right InsurTech? Be smart and take three steps to get the right partner, traction, and create value for your insurance organization.

Step 1

Choose the Right Partner

Step 2

Develop a Proper Use Case

Step 3

Prove the Business Value

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