How to Pick the Right InsurTech Startup

This recording is for those of us who want to innovate inside of an incumbent insurance company with the help of InsurTech startups. Of course, all startups claim to be the next thing. So, distinguishing them has become a real challenge to us. The critical question is: how to pick the right InsurTech startups?

Watch my lessons learned. It was an honor for me to give the opening Keynote at Global InsurTech Summit #GIS2019 in Istanbul, Turkey.


About the Global InsurTech Summit

The event Global InsurTech Summit 2019 was hosted by InsurTech Hub. InsurTech Hub is an insurance ecosystem enabler with high value-added services for startups, scaleups, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, agencies, technology providers, investors, government, universities, technoparks, incubation centers, and others.

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Published by Karl Heinz Passler

I help insurance innovators to apply InsurTech.