How to ensure Operational Fit with InsurTechs

Every insurance company carries out its daily business (operations) in their unique ways. So pick Insurtech startups that have the potential to improve results. Ensure that you pick Insurtechs with the right operational fit. Watch my lessons learned.

Top Quotes

Top Quote: Every #insurance company has an configuration of their operational activities that is unique. And that’s what drives your business results.

Top Quote: The second type of #InsurTech Improvers are enablers like KASKO enable us as an insurer to digitize, to get into the Internet very fast, very quick to a reasonable price.

Top Quote: The first type of #InsurTech Re-Inventors are startups like Flock applying a new business model. What’s that? It’s something that we as an old insurer don’t work do …


About the Global InsurTech Summit

This is a recording of the opening Keynote at Global InsurTech Summit #GIS2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. The event was hosted by InsurTech Hub. InsurTech Hub is an insurance ecosystem enabler with high value-added services for startups, scaleups, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, agencies, technology providers, investors, government, universities, technoparks, incubation centers, and others.

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Published by Karl Heinz Passler

I help insurance innovators to apply InsurTech.