How Insurtech Clark Made It on Bloomberg’s Hot List

In this interview Christopher Oster and Joern Menninger talk about the fact, that Clark (InsurTech startup and digital insurance broker) is the only startup from Germany, that made it on Bloomberg’s List of the “50 most promising startups, one has never heard of”.

Joern and Christopher discuss why Clark is a so promising startup, what makes them different from their competitors and about the bottlenecks at the start of Clark in 2015.

They then talk about, if the mentioning of Clark in Bloomberg’s list was of a benefit for them and what the reactions to the article were. At last they talk about the business and data framework of Clark and when they will rise their next round.

The protagonists

The host of this interview is Joern Menninger. He is the creator and co-host of the podcast (in English) and of (in German). He lives in Frankfurt and is a management consultant in banking and capital markets at daytime.

The podcast is about startup news and interviews form the German startup scene in English. The hosts are Joern Menninger, Kirill Bauer, Christian Fahrenbach, Eldar Rakhmatullaev and Maria Kapkanshchikova.

Dr. Christopher Oster is the co-founder and CEO of Christopher is a hands-on entrepreneur and strategic leader with a proven track record in different industries and a focus on FinTech, online marketplaces and e-commerce. He is also co-founder of Wimdu, Europe’s leading online platform for private accommodation.

Clark is Germany’s smart insurance partner making it maximum easy to buy new insurances and manage existing contracts. Clark is easy to use and makes complex insurance simple to understand. The company launched in June 2015 and is your partner for all insurance matters.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. How did Clark start in 2015? (2:28)
  2. Why is Clark a so promising startup in the eyes of Bloomberg? (3:45)
  3. Does Clark offer it’s own insurance products? (5:55)
  4. How did you get insurance carriers to work with a startup? (7:23)
  5. What kind of insurance products do you offer? (8:38)
  6. What makes you different from your competitors? (10:26)
  7. How do you motivate your team at Clark? (13:01)
  8. Where was Clark funded originally? (13:44)
  9. How was it to move from Berlin to Frankfurt? (14:55)
  10. What where some of the bottlenecks at the beginning of Clark? (16:08)
  11. Was the mentioning of Clark in the list a benefit? (14:45)
  12. What where some reactions to the article? (18:36)
  13. What will be the next steps of Clark? (19:24)
  14. What is the geographical coverage of Clark? (20:27)
  15. Are you looking at other markets? (20:38)
  16. What size is the german insurance market? (21:14)
  17. Does Clark have a big data base and tech infrastructure to make proper proposals to your customers? (22:10)
  18. What was the best investment for Clark so far? (24:01)
  19. Will your business and data framework work in countries other than Germany? (25:14)
  20. Up to now you only had two VC rounds, less than similar startups. (26:06)
  21. So, will you rise money soon? (26:42)
  22. What will be the book or movie title of your personal life, and why? (28:31)

Watch and Listen

Running time: 30:07 (27 MB) Download; Original Source:; Original published: March 24, 2017

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