How Insure-A-Thing Turns General Insurance on Its Head

In this interview Liam Grey from Inside Insurtech talks with Tobias Taupitz. They talk about his InsurTech startup Insure-A-Thing and discuss how it was to be in a cohort at Startupbootcamp InsurTech. Then they chatted about the founding team, what the InsurTech startup does and what is next on their agenda.

The Protagonists

Liam Gray is the host of this interview. He lives in London and is an Associate at Aon Inpoint. His podcast Inside InsurTech is about providing a window into the world of InsurTech.

Tobias Taupitz is CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) and Founder at Insure-A-Thing in London. He has a strong track-record in Insurance, FinTech and Corporate Finance. Now he brings change to a centuries-old business model … insurance.

Insure-A-Thing is a UK-based InsurTech startup looking to turn General Insurance on its head. Unlike traditional insurers, the startup has no incentive to refrain from paying out claims. To finance them self they take  ‘only’ a fee on settled claims. No provisions, no underwriting profits.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. How it was in the second cohort of Startupbootcamp InsurTech.
  2. When Tobias got his epiphany to start an alternate business model.
  3. Their unique approach of giving up underwriting profits.
  4. Why they picked the bike insurance market to start with.
  5. How to acquire customers in the cyclist community.
  6. Growth strategies in other countries, things, and markets.
  7. The role of incumbent insurance corporations.
  8. The goal they will have achieved in one year.
  9. Differences between leading and ordinary InsurTech startups.
  10. The role of regulators for InsurTech startups.
  11. What InsurTech startups really need from incumbent insurers.

Watch and Listen

Running time: 20:28; Original Source:; Original published: May, 10th 2017

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