How It Was to Launch Startupbootcamp Insurtech

In this interview, Liz Lumley co-host of the Breaking Banks Podcast focuses on the topic of InsurTech. She starts with the Managing Director of Startupbootcamp InsurTech, Sabine Vanderlinden. Then she talks to several InsurTech startup CEOs: David Stubbs, CEO of RightIndem, Ofer Deshe, CEO of Tobias & Tobias, and Risto Rossar, CEO of Insly.

Breaking Banks is the #1 Global FinTech Podcast. Banking and insurance is being challenged right to the core and the next 10 years will see more changes in financial services than in the last 100 years. Breaking Banks is the podcast documenting those changes and exploring the best of the best in FinTech and InsurTech around the world.

The Protagonists

The host of this interview is Liz Lumley. She is the Managing Director of Thought Leadership at Rainmaking and works on the global development of innovative programs for corporates and startups. In addition, Rainmaking runs several Startupbootcamp-branded startup accelerator programmes, such as Startupbootcamp InsurTech.

Sabine Vanderlinden is the Managing Director at Startupbootcamp InsurTech, the leading early-stage accelerator for insurance technology startups located in Europe. She works with leading insurers, investors, and mentors to bring the innovation often start-ups to market within a three-month-period.

David Stubbs is the Founder and Director at RightIndem. He is a passionate advocate for the truth that in insurance, customer relationships start with the claim, not with purchase. RightIndem’s new approach to meeting the needs of insurance clients will dramatically reduce the insurer’s cost of claims.

Risto Rossar is the CEO and Founder of Insly. He has founded innovative insurance business in 3 Baltic Countries and is currently developing Insly, a cloud-based insurance software for insurance brokers and agents to replace papers and spreadsheets.

Ofer Deshe is the CEO of Tobias & Tobias. He focuses on solving complex business enterprise innovation challenges with expertise in investment banking and his skills as a digital strategist and cognitive psychologist. Tobias & Tobias is an internationally renowned team of user experience strategists, designers, and innovators.

In this interview you’ll learn:

Sabine Vanderlinden of Startupbootcamp InsurTech

  1. Welcome Sabine Vanderlinden (05:26)
  2. What made you work with InsurTech startups? (06:15)
  3. What were the and challenges and hard work at the start of Startupbootcamp? (08:28)
  4. What are some things you will improve in your second year? (10:38)
  5. Why do you think InsurTech needs it’s own focus, besides of Fintech? (12:23)
  6. Why don’t InsurTech people want to be labeled as Fintech? (14:02)
  7. Any global expansion plans? (16:36)

David Stubbs of RightIndem

  1. What is RightIndem and what does it? (21:42)
  2. About the benefits for the insurance corporations (24:23)
  3. Is the real change happening in insurance now not about tech, but about the customer experience? (26:32)
  4. What was your experience in the accelerator Startupbootcamp? (27:23)
  5. Why do you think InsurTech has a great time right now? (30:20)
  6. Have you seen a change in the London insurance industry in last years? (31:48)
  7. What’s next for RightIndem? (35:46)

Risto Rossar of Insly

  1. What is Insly? (40:25)
  2. What’s so innovative about Insly? (41:11)
  3. What was it like to be an InsurTech startup inside of the first batch of Fintech startups cohort program of Startupbootcamp? (42:16)
  4. Why is 2016 the year of InsurTech breakthrough? (44:10)
  5. What is the future for Insely? (45:42)

Ofer Deshe of Tobias & Tobias

  1. How was the experience working with Startupbootcamp? (47:32)
  2. Do you agree that 2016 is the year that makes it safe for insurers to innovate? (49:15)
  3. What are some of the big trends (e.g. IoT, telematics) you are interested in? (51:43)
  4. About the lust of insurance CEOs to do business in a new world (55:05)

Watch and Listen

Running time: 57:05; Original Source:; Original published: Jul 14, 2016

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