Business Models and Key Performance Indicators in the Insurance Industry

Over the past decade the insurance industry has experienced profound transformation in the business environment. Deregulation, technology advances and new competitors exert substantial pressure on risk carriers and their sales organizations.

Measures of Success at Insurers

Understanding management’s own measures of success helps deepen the understanding of progress in the risk carrier business model. The following income statements and key performance indicators make impacts transparent.

Three major income statements you find at Insurers (DE)

Insurance-related income statements describe how insurance companies generate their profits. With the following calculation schemes we can assess the financial impacts of business development activities. >> read more…

Seven key performance indicators at property/casualty Insurers (DE)

Insurance-related performance indicators evaluate the success of a particular activity in which the insurer engages. The main levers for improvement of underwriting results can be identified with the following metrics. >> read more…